PT. Printechindo Raya Utama

Company Overview

Printech In Production

PT. Imajindo Raya Utama was established in in 1995. On the same year, we acquired the licensed distributor of IMAJE ( later known as Markem Imaje ), a company from France specialize in global manufacturer of product such as product identification equipment for consumer grade packaging.

We are formally known as PT. Imajindo Raya Utama. As the company evolved and expanding, in 2003, PT Imajindo Raya Utama sets off PT. Printechindo Raya Utama and become the accredited distributor of MARKEM-IMAJE in Indonesia. The company operates in direct trading buy and direct selling products such as CIJ, Large Character Printers and Print & Apply.

A sister company is established in 2008, PT. Printech Prakarsa Mandiri. The main concentration of this company’s business is to provide rental and pay-per-print basis of our products.

Establishing these two companies gives us the opportunity to gives extra attention and effort on the different aspect of the business. Though we are known in public as PRINTECH, these two companies are the main pillars of PRINTECH’s business.

In the year 2015, PRINTECH has obtained an official partnership with MICROSCAN SYSTEMS. This allows us to provide a diverse range of product selections to our consumers.

Today we have become the only direct distributor of MARKEM-IMAJE and partner of MICROSCAN products operating in Indonesia.

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