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Product Name: CimPak
Category: Print and Apply
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CimPak pallet labeling systems have earned a reputation for quality and reliability in the toughest of manufacturing environments. Their design offers a flexible, scalable solution for achieving the ultimate traceability in warehousing and inventory control. The CimPak’s proven design delivers accurate, clear, crisp codes and text with 100% readable barcodes meeting GS1 (UCC-EAN) standards to enable superior visibility in the supply chain.

Your Benefits
  • Synchronized ink ribbon roll change thus maximizing uptime.
  • Built-in user interface with simple button operation and service diagnostics.
  • Maximize productivity with proven, accurate pallet labeling up to 4 labels on 3 sides (front, side and rear) with 100% readable barcodes at speeds up to 120 pallets per hour to meet customer demands.
  • Flexible integration into packaging lines, databases and ERP systems via CoLOS® Enterprise Software.
  • Each unique pallet label can be identified and tracked at every step of its journey, from when it leaves your facility to its final destination.

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