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Printech Customer Service

Customer support is the heart of our business, we consider it is one of the key to bring success to our clients. Our dedicated customer support team is highly trained and ready to serve or customers 24/7 without compromise.

We believe by giving high standard of customer support, we are ensuring your equipment is running as intended and keeping the efficiency of your business at optimum level.

Our customer supports includes

On-call Technical Support – [ phone number ]
We have a dedicated technical support to respond to any queries such as technical enquirie, questions and technical support .

On-Site Technician

Our technician is an expert in solving troubleshooting of your printing equipment. If our operator unable to solve the issue, we will dispatch our technician expert to your site accordingly.

Yearly Maintenance

To ensure the printing efficiency at an optimum level, we are highly recommend take advantage of our yearly contract service. We will dispatch our technician to undertake any maintenance required. Contact [here] to book your maintenance now.

Any other queries please contact as at

Our customer service is spread out through out the nation. This to ensure our customers is within our reach wherever the customer’s factory or plant is located. This also minimizing the travel time required for an on-site visit service.

We are operating 13 support centres which 6 are catagorised as branch offices We are also covers remote places such as Sidoarjo and Lampung those are among a few of our 10 technical centres.

>> Click here for more details of our coverage.

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