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These are major core service of our business offers

Direct Selling

Customers would be able to obtain and owned our printing equipment to operate dedicatedly for their business. Direct Selling equipment is suitable for consumer-grade industry.

>> Please see our product page for selections of our products.

This particular service is highly suitable for small to medium business.

*Product trade-ins are also allowed please contact our sales team at for more details.


In conjunction with direct selling, our products are also available for rental. Renting an printing equipment. Our printing equipment is available for a minimum one-year rental.

All of the rental queries will be handle under PT. Printech Prakarsa Mandiri.

>> Please see our product page for selections of our products.


Pay-per-Print service is a service determine by printing size and quantity volume annually. Client would be able to pay according to its usage, nonetheless the equipment supply and maintenance will be under Printech.

This requires intensive inspection and evaluation of your business in order for us to provide our customer with an accurate offering.

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